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Practicing with passion & advocating with purpose since 2015.

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Welcome to Miettinen Law PLLC, conveniently located in Downtown Detroit. We are a boutique law firm dedicated to handling matters within the sports, entertainment, and the creative arts communities in Michigan and Georgia.

We strive to give our clients the cutting edge advantage using our specializations. At the firm's foundation is a core set of values that drives our relationships with our clients and our connection to the communities and industries we serve. That core consists of three connected values:

  1. Everyone deserves awareness and access to their rights. The law treats sports, entertainment, and the arts in a unique way relative to other sectors. We hold as priority making sure that everyone is aware of those special rights. Moreover, we want to be your go-to for reasonable access to protect and enforce those rights. The law is here to work with us, not against us. It is our job to zealously advocate for you using the law as an accessible tool.
  2. Relationships are key. The most critical benefit of working with our firm is the personal attention your matters receive. You know who is working for you.
  3. When the community is better, everyone wins. Sports, entertainment, and the arts enhance the community and allow it to flourish in a way many other industries cannot achieve. It is our duty not only to inform people connected to these industries of their rights but also to make sure those rights are being enforced. The more aware the larger community is, the more progress we will see. The more progress we see, the more benefits we all receive.