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Practice Areas

Sports Law

While there is technically no such thing as "sports law," the law does treat all legal issues within the sports industry differently from other industries. Sports are unique, precious, and special. This is our niche. We understand it from different angles, and we know how to handle your needs.

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Entertainment Law

You take time preparing your craft and getting it performance-ready. You may even have an entire team supporting you in which each person plays a special role in your production, but does someone look after your legal needs - current and prospective - with respect to all your hard work and all your relationships? We play that role for you.

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Law for the Arts

Your creations and expression in whatever mediums they happen to be in deserve attention as detailed as your works. We want you to know that there are accessible means to protect your craft that we provide because we know where to look, what to write, and how to make it happen.

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Entrepreneurship Law

Starting your own business venture involves many layers of planning and execution. As an entrepreneur herself, our founder Ms. Miettinen can relate to other entrepreneurs. Wherever you are in your journey from the early stages to those of a more matured venture, we will help you on your way to reaching your potential.

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Business, Copyright, & Trademark

Our general business law practice will assist you in your traditional corporate legal needs, paying special attention to properly filing your material for copyright and trademark protection.

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