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Entertainment Law

"Entertainment Law" is a broad term for all the ways the law interacts with the multiple aspects & players in the entertainment industry. Our clients may have traditional business needs, but more often than not, they need something catered to themselves & their craft that works retroactively to correct a prior action or that works prospectively to cover any & all scenarios, inevitable or not.

We handle much of the behind-the-scenes work for you to make sure your best interests are protected as you grow & develop relationships in this exciting industry. Some of the most frequent needs our clients in the entertainment industry may come across are:

  • Copyright & trademark registration or protection
  • Licensing agreements & rights
  • Band agreements
  • Performance contracts with venues
  • Performer-manager & performer-agent contracts
  • Business registration
  • Recording agreements
  • Venue contracts

Who may be affected by special laws and legal needs within the entertainment industry?

  • Musicians

  • Bands, singers, & songwriters

  • DJs

  • Performers

  • Actors

  • Managers & agencies

  • Playwrites & screenwriters

  • Broadcasters

  • Videographers

  • Gaming & online businesses

  • Performance venues

  • Ticket holders

  • Consumers of various entertainment products