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Sports Law

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Sports Law

"Sports Law" consists of a body of work that touches on nearly every aspect of law, especially within intellectual property (copyright, trademark, and "right of publicity"), labor law, contract law, antitrust law, property law, & tort law or personal injury. It stands out as a unique area within the law and as an industry, though, because special rules apply courtesy of state & federal legislation as well as court rulings.

This is Miettinen Law's niche. We would love to help set you up on your way to success, to protect your right to your value,  & to advise you on and look over your various transactions.

We handle much of the behind-the-scenes work for you to make sure your best interests are protected as you grow & develop relationships across the sports industry. Some of the most frequent needs our clients in the sports industry may come across are:

  • Copyright & trademark registration or protection

  • Right of publicity (the use of your name, image, or likeness for commercial purposes)

  • Licensing rights & agreements

  • Endorsement contracts

  • Sponsorship contracts

  • Player, team, & league agreements

  • Collective bargaining agreements for a players' or coaches' union

  • Understanding NCAA agreements

  • Venue agreements & licenses

  • Various contest & race participation agreements

  • Business formation & registration

Who may be affected by special laws and legal needs within the sports industry?

  • Athletes at any level - "amateur" (recreational, youth travel, grade school, college) & professional

  • Coaches, owners, & staff

  • Officials, referees, & umpires

  • Fans - in attendance & via broadcasts

  • Consumers of the sports product & merchandise

  • Fantasy sports participants & businesses

  • E-Sports players, teams, organizations, & fans

  • Fitness professionals

  • Race participants - runners, cyclists, triathletes, obstacle course racers, & drivers

  • Extreme sports participants

  • Businesses entering into contracts with teams or leagues for licensing, construction, financing, supplying, etc.

  • Nearby residents & taxpayers