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Miettinen Law To Start Online Video Series, "S.E.A. Law 180 Flip in 180"

In tandem with the firm's mission and vision to be the first resort for legal services and counsel to local talent, Detroit-based law firm Miettinen Law PLLC will start an online shorts video series titled S.E.A. Law 180 Flip in 180. As founding attorney Jaime M. Miettinen puts it:

"S" is for Sports.


"E" is for Entertainment.

"A" is for Arts.

"Law" is self explanatory.

"180 Flip" is for being able to leave the discussion better informed on the topic compared to how you came into it.

"in 180" is for committing to learn for three minutes at the most, wherever you are.

Every couple of weeks, Miettinen Law's founding attorney Jaime M. Miettinen will discuss and share videos on legal topics within the sports, entertainment, and arts industries that the everyday person may encounter or have questions about. The series is not intended to be legal advice or supplant or replace seeking personalized counsel from an attorney since every case is different with unique facts and situations. Rather, the series is intended to educate on the issues, rules, practices, laws, and options of which people may or may not be aware.

S.E.A. Law 180 Flip in 180 will be posted on Miettinen Law PLLC's YouTube channel and the homepage of the firm's website. Remember to subscribe now so you are notified immediately every time a new video is uploaded. Also, the audio from each video will be uploaded on a podcast with the same title. Listeners will be able to find the podcast series on iTunes and Stitcher shortly. Having both a video and an audio option will allow people to easily access the material, share links directly on multiple platforms, and view or listen wherever you are on any electronic device.

Some of the scheduled videos include the following topics (in no particular order):

  • The One Reason Every Band Needs a Band Agreement (But No One Wants to Talk About)
  • Things to Know Before Signing a National Letter of Intent
  • What is the Difference Between Copyrights & Trademarks?
  • What is the Legal Difference Between Parody & Satire?
  • Concussion Liability Fact vs. Fiction
  • So Your Account was Banned from Your Favorite Video Game... Now What?
  • How to Form an LLC in Michigan
  • Things to Keep in Mind When Developing a Sports App
  • How to Make Money with Your Music
  • What Does the Fine Print on Your Ticket Mean?

Stay tuned for the near future's complete schedule as this will be an ongoing project available to the public for free! Please contact Miettinen Law directly or comment below with any additional topics of particular interest that you want to hear Ms. Miettinen discuss.

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