Miettinen Law PLLC believes that pro bono matters are an important part of its overall responsibility. It is part of our professional responsibility to provide pro bono legal services to those in need. We believe that pro bono matters must be handled with the same level of professional competence as any other matter we handle.

Pro Bono Representation

Our unique set of legal services is available for low income individuals and groups. This includes non-profit groups as well as public interest organizations or groups. Pro bono representation - for either no cost or significantly reduced cost - is available only for the matter designated & does not extend to future services unless otherwise specified.

Jaime M. Miettinen dedicates time specifically to pro bono clients every Friday from 9am to 12pm. Please contact us no later than the day before (Thursday) to schedule your consultation for that week.

Who qualifies as a low income individual or group?

2017 Poverty Level Income Chart

2017 Poverty Level Income Chart

  • Your household income at or below 125% of the federally recognized poverty level, listed to the left.
  • You are an individual or non-profit group or organization seeking to improve the economic, cultural, or social well-being of disadvantaged or underserved communities.